Sunday, 2 February 2014

Exciting times

Really excited  as I have managed to book a place on a crochet workshop with Lucy from Attic24 next Saturday! Eeeee! (excited squeeky noises) I think places have gone fast but if you check the post HERE you can see the wonderful project she will be teaching. Can't wait to make my own birdie and post pics.

I've also got a couple of projects lined up for 'shabby chic-ing'. I hope you will forgive my less than perfect pictures. I was waiting for a day with 'good light' but have been disappointed with the Yorkshire weather of late. I'm afraid 'good' light has been a little hard to come by. In fact light of any kind has been somewhat rationed. Now clouds and rain we've had a-plenty, but what's new there?

Anyway, back to my upcoming projects. First is a brass ornate dressing table mirror I purchased from Ebay. The seller described it as 'in excellent condition for it's age- just needs a good clean' so when it arrived I was a little surprised to find that the mirror and its backing where held in place by blue tack. In the second pic you can see the mirror out of the mirror frame. This, whilst annoying, is not the end of the world as it makes it easier for cleaning and painting. So, plans for the mirror are:

1) Give it a really good clean so it actually looks like brass again.
2) Paint it with a creamy colour chalk paint and then gently remove some so that the brass shows through on the ornate pattern. Clear wax to seal
3) Decoupage mirror back with a vintage style paper and then find a way to reattach mirror and back firmly. Some kind of resin/glue type thing. I need to investigate more the best glue to do this.

I also have the brass candle holder. This needs a good clean although it is in better condition than the mirror. This is also going to get chalk painted and rubbed off a little to let the brass show through in places and then wax seal.

That's all for now, I'll take some progress pics as I work on them so you can watch the transformation.

L x

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